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Canarian Cookery demonstrations

During our CHASE students’ first four weeks of Spanish classes, cultural preparation and activities we also like to give them a taste of our unique Canarian culture by organising cookery demonstration by a well-known chef Richard Etherington. Although originally from Scotland he has worked on the island for many years.

Some of the most popular foods here are roasted goat’s cheese, queso asado con mojo, rabbit in a spicy sauce, conejo al salmorejo and gofio – a flour made with toasted wheat or maize grains. Richard has devised his own Gofio Mousse, giving a traditional staple food a modern twist. Mojo is a sauce served with many dishes and is either green, flavoured with coriander, or red, flavored with peppers and little chilli. Among other dishes he also prepares the typical Spanish omelette made with potatoes and onions – tortilla – ¡Deliciosa!

Apart from taking some new recipes home the students can now explain to the guests in the hotels about the island’s tasty specialties. ¡Que aproveche! – or “Enjoy your meal!”

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