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The following list details our involvement in Europe over the past 20 years, within a Network organizing a Long Term Placement project for young caterers:


The contacts were established between Städtische Berufsschule fuer das Hotel, Gaststätten- und Braugewerbe in Munich, Germany and College of Further Education Plymouth UK at a conference in Clermont Ferrand.

This was followed up by the visit of a delegation from the Town of Munich to Plymouth the same year.


The first exchange & placement programme between Plymouth CFE Hospitality Department and Städtische Berufsschule München. The participants were for young workers who had completed their predominantly City and Guild qualifications and their equivalents from the Städtische Berufsschule München. The students from both countries spent 6 weeks in the host college and 4.5 months in local industry. This Programme was funded by the Young workers Programme.

14 students from Plymouth College or further Education exchanged with 14 students from the Städtische Berufsfachschule München, each group spent 6 weeks in the respective college and 4.5 months in hotels in the respective country. The first exchange & placement programme between Plymouth CFE Hospitality Department and Städtische Berufsschule München.

The participants were for young workers who had completed their predominantly City and Guild qualifications and their equivalents from the Städtische Berufsschule München. The students from both countries spent 6 weeks in the host college and 4.5 months in local industry. This Programme was funded by the Young workers Programme.


The long term placement project with Munich was extended to the Lycee Hotelier in La Rochelle France, now the students had two periods of 5.5 months in each partner country 11 months overall with the same college/industry division.


The three colleges were joined by Dublin College of Catering. Afterwards, the students had a choice of 2 from 3 partner colleges.

The Plymouth students did not go to Dublin as it was felt the language acquisition was a vital element of an exchange.

The Programme was now funded by the PETRA Programme.


The four colleges were joined by the Hotel School in La Coruna Galicia giving the students a choice of 2 from the 4 partner colleges.


Dublin dropped out, but was replaced by the hotel schools in Helsinki (Perho Culinary School).

Goeteborg (Ester Mosessons Gymnasium) and Lillehammer (Mesna Videregaende Skole) joined, thus giving the students a choice of 2 from the 6 partner colleges.


Staff exchanges & Development Programmes were initiated through the Partnership and are ongoing. Funded by the LdV (Leonardo da Vinci) Programme.


An other Partner joined the network, VIK, Budapest Hungary.

Start of 18 months Pilot Programme “Hygiene in hospitality industry” by partner Colleges Network.


Plymouth proposed PIVA (Antwerpen) as a future network partner.

A new partner in Valencia was introduced by the Lycee Hotelier in La Rochelle.

The Catering school in Riga joined the Partnership.

Ever since the start of Leonardo da Vinci I, the Long Term Placement Project for Young Workers and Exchange Programme for trainers and staff have been funded by Leonardo da Vinci.


Introduction of partner from Galway in Eire (Galway Mayo Institute).

Taken on board a new partner from Bardolino Italy ( IPSAR Luigi Carnacina) for the long term placement project, as a result of a three year Comenius Project.


Introduction of new partners in Honefoss Norway (Honefoss Videregaende Skole) and Tekirdag (TAOT) and Istanbul (IEAOT) in Turkey.


A new partner in Iceland was introduced ( Ninukot Agency)


The CHASE Network has a new partner in Helsinki: HELPA


Hoenefoss Videregaende Skole and Galway-Mayo Institute left the Network, as a result of a College restructuring process.

On September 2008, 7 students from Belgium, Finland , France, Germany and Sweden were welcomed in İstanbul. They completed a preparation programme at our institution, followed by industrial placement in hotels and restaurants in İstanbul.

From 14 to 19 October 2008, our headmaster, project coordinator and a cooking student took part in the 21st Annual Conference and Competitions of the AEHT in Kuressaare, Estonia.

In November, two teachers went to La Rochelle to attend the annual C.H.A.S.E. network meeting which was held by the partner school in La Rochelle, France.

From 28 August to16 December 2008, two students from Roc Aventus College, Holland were welcomed in İstanbul under the framework of Leonardo da Vinci Programme.Students completed a 10 weeks placement programme after a week cultural preparation period. From the same school, three more students were received in the second term between 1 April and 3 June 2009.

On November 2008, we welcomed a delegation from Roc Aventus College, Netherlands. This delegation included a Project manager and a Project coordinator. Another  group of teachers from the same school were welcomed on April 2009. During this visit students’ work placements and accommodation were visited. Problems encountered were discussed.


Annual Network meeting in Helsinki Finland.

On a reciprocal basis, on February 2009, 21 students from our school left for a 19 weeks placement programme at partner colleges in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy,  Latvia, Norway and Sweden .This Project is funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

11 January-8 March 2009/Leonardo Project: An international coordinator and 4 cooking students from Omnia College, Finland were welcomed in İstanbul for an 8 weeks  placement programme at restaurants in İstanbul.

Incoming and outgoing students visited altogether 8th Trade Fair for Organic Products and Environment on 16 January 2009.

February 2009: The following projects were submitted to the National Agency:

1-Leonardo Mobility: Sustainable Development in Hospitality and Catering-Phase 2: An Evaluation of Facts Gathered

2-Comenius Partnerships:Food for Soul: Eating Habits and Cultural Diversity

3-Leonardo Transfer of Innovation: “Ready-Study-Go Ahead!” (Online Material Preparation)

16-22 March 2009/Youth Project: 3 teachers and 23 students from CFA Tours, France were welcomed in İstanbul for a week.

On 27 April 2009, 4 students from Grade 9 took part in EU Quiz held by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the EU Turkish Delegation.

On 15th April, we took part in Tourism Week celebrations. The outcomes of international projects were disseminated.

In April, an international coordinator from Hackney College, England made a visit to our school.

April-May 2009: Elections for the Turkish AEHT National Representative within the Executive Board 2009-2012 were held.

Our headmaster, Mr Aydin CELIKTAS, has been reelected for the Turkish AEHT National Representative.

May 2009: A teacher from our school made a monitoring visit to our students’ workplacements in Munich, Germany.

20-23 May 2009: The outcomes of our long term Leonardo project were disseminated at 3rd Feshane Project Fair.

2 Hospitality staff & 1 staff from National Trust in Istanbul, Turkey: A skills development week (October 2009)

2 staff to CHASE meeting in Helsinki, Finland (November 2009)

1 staff on a preparation visit, funded by the LdV programme to Helsinki, Finland (November 2009)

September 2009: 9 young caterers on long term placement project to Latvia, Sweden, Germany, France & Turkey (LdV funding)

Goeteborg, Sweden: 2 staff, funded by the Comenius project, on a fact finding mission for basic skills student groups and discussion on co-operation and project work for   2010. (December 09)

Chase long term placement project: September 2009


20 Year Anniversary of the CHASE Network in Plymouth, England

April 2010: 4 Chase trainees from Istanbul on long term placement

April 2010: 3 bakery students from Goeteborg in Sweden

February 2010: 10 IT students from Cavan Ireland

May 2010: 10 business students from Halle, Germany

June 2010: Vilke Mezirici (Summer placement)

February 2010: 2 students from Helsinki for a 2 week placement in Plymouth Outgoing staff

Omnia Espoo, Finland: 2 IT staff discussed the future of co-operation and draft project application (January 2010)

Directorate Ankara Turkey: 4 delegates to look at VET in Plymouth (March 2010)

Helsinki, Finland: 7 staff on a skills development programme with basic skills (May 2010)

3 staff to Germany, funded by the LdV programme, looking into sustainability at Partner institutions (March 2010)

4 staff from Hair & Beauty, to Spain, funded by the LdV programme, 1 week skills development (May 2010)

1 staff funded by Comenius to attend 1 week workshop on sustainability in Istanbul.

March 2010 – Fundraising for the EU mobility for basic catering students at Cité Restaurant

September 26, 2010 – European day of Languages, a celebration of CHASE participants & Plymouth Eurodesk

November 2010 – A celebration of 20 Years Network Partnership at City College Plymouth.

Invited were past & present heads of Schools, co-ordinators of the CHASE Network, National Agency representatives, MEP, the Mayor of Plymouth, representatives of local   industry & LdV participants

April 2010 – 7 students on a basic catering course to Munich, Germany (LdV funding)

July 2010 – 9 carpenters apprentices to Biberach, Germany (LdV funding)
European funding applied for in February 2010:

LdV: Long term placement project for young caterers “not in education, training or employment”

LdV: Mobility project with Cavan Ireland for 10 IT students

LdV Partnership project: Germany, Denmark, Finland, Spain in UK

Comenius: Bi-lateral project for the IT Department/Games development with Espoo in Finland Omnia Espoo,

Finland: Education Manager for construction for 2 weeks in Plymouth (College & industry)

Chase long term placement project: February 2010